Cheffin’ it Up

I had class from 8a til 3:50p (eastern standard time) today. I didn’t have time to grab a bite but I managed to chew 2 pieces of gum, simultaneously in between a couple of my classes. The whole time, all I could think about was food. So for dinner tonight, I decided to make something special. Monday sucks anyways.. I needed to do something to motivate me for the rest of the busy week ahead.

Here are some pics of what I prepared for dinner. Bon appetit.

Linguini with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and basil-tomato feta cheese topped with pan-fried chicken breast marinated in a secret concoction of spices mastered by yours truly ;).

That’s it for now. I have the recipe for anyone who is wanting to try it. Have a good one!



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