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Ramen – The Authentic Way

With the Fall weather fast-approaching, we figured we’d post something familiar to most households, the Ramen noodle. Most people in the United States probably know, or think they know, what ramen is — a bunch of “fresh” dried noodles shaped and compressed in a block-like form accompanied by a packet of flavoring that’s nicely loaded … Continue reading

Red Wine and Brews!

Most of you were probably slouched over a pile of paper work on your desks early this morning wishing for one more day to recuperate. Well, you’ve survived another day of work and we’ve got the perfect reward. Breathe. Take a minute. Here’s a recap of our holiday weekend in stills — just the right … Continue reading

Annual Wing Cook-Off

Father’s Day not only means giving dad a new tool set, but it marks something bigger — something closer to the heart — the Hudak Annual Wing Cook-Off. Celebrating its 4th consecutive year, the cook-off featured more participants than ever and a more diverse realm of flavors. And since we were asked to present our … Continue reading

ACBF, Beer Week, Foodie Finds — Beantown, Pt. II

In continuation to ACBF, Beer Week, Foodie Finds — Beantown, Pt. I. Day 2, we met up with fellow craft beer enthusiasts and foodies @ryanhudak, @leeanneeats, @amy_strauss, #bfbob, and @sir_meatball for a nice brunch at Café Luna. Dubbed to have “the best brunch in all of Boston” and a spacious outdoor seating to accomodate @sir_meatball, we waited in … Continue reading

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