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Ramen – The Authentic Way

With the Fall weather fast-approaching, we figured we’d post something familiar to most households, the Ramen noodle. Most people in the United States probably know, or think they know, what ramen is — a bunch of “fresh” dried noodles shaped and compressed in a block-like form accompanied by a packet of flavoring that’s nicely loaded … Continue reading

Pies & Pints: Almost Heaven

New York-style pizza? Check. Chicago-style deep dish? Check. Handcrafted West Virginia pie? Might just be the next best thing. The hungryDUO team has been eyeing a pizza joint in Fayetteville, WV for quite some time now. We’ve heard lots of rumors on how this local hotspot might just be the best of its kind in this … Continue reading

International #IPADay: An Invitation

hungryDUO, along with other beer lovers around the world, is proud to take part in the celebration of International IPA Day that is scheduled for August 4th, 2011. We would like to invite you to join in the fun. Busy and/or tied at home? You don’t have to be at a bar or pub to celebrate. Instead, … Continue reading

What We’re Brewing on Google+

We’ve been brainstorming on ways to communicate effectively with our online friends and partake in a much broader discussion of the beers we love (and the not so much) with them. And with social networking at its highest, it only makes sense to include it on the agenda. And with Google+ being the latest buzz, … Continue reading

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