We’ve been brainstorming on ways to communicate effectively with our online friends and partake in a much broader discussion of the beers we love (and the not so much) with them. And with social networking at its highest, it only makes sense to include it on the agenda. And with Google+ being the latest buzz, we figured why not set our stage with the newest kid on the block. An idea was born.

We are going to have Beer Tasting Hangout every Thursday on Google+. This will give us the opportunity to connect with craft beer lovers around the world, enjoy refreshing brews together, share our opinions, and educate others. So, put on your nerdy beer goggles as this might just be your time to shine.

What you’ll need:

  • A Google+ account is needed, obviously. If you need an invite, let us know and we’ll be glad to send you one!
  • Craft beer of your choice. It doesn’t matter what style you bring, sometimes the rarer, the better.
  • Pen and paper, if you wish to take notes. For the more techie ones, you can also save notes on G+.
  • Something that tells time (ie watch, cellphone, sundial, etc) as you will have to be on time.
  • Respect — Yes, this is important. We will be respecting everyone in the session. If not, you will be blocked.
  • Lastly, have FUN and meet new friends!

So, mark your calendars and set your alarms!
Again, Beer Tasting Hangout every Thursday at 9:00pm EST (to accommodate the West coast). Not on the east coast? We got you covered. Here’s a link to Time Zone Converter.

Remember that Google+ only allows 10 people to hangout at a time. We’re hoping that since G+ is only in its early stages, they would eventually allow more people to “hangout”. So for now, don’t be late. Coz the seats are very limited. Don’t forget to tell your friends! Spread the word. See you guys/gals there!


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*All cancellations and delays will be made and posted at least 2 hours prior to a session.
Registered attendees will get private notifications. 

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