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For The Love of Pork

A week ago, we decided to have a week filled with porky goodness. With the exception of #meatlessWednesday, we tackled the road to some savory meals that highlighted the other white meat — pork.

Marinated Thai-Style Pork Spareribs – Our Kitchen

Pork and Pineapple Tacos – ChuCho’s Mexican Restaurant

Pork Meatball Parmigiana – Frank’s Pizza & More

Fajitas de Carnitas – ChuCho’s Mexican Restaurant

Bauernwurst – The Bier Garden

Half Rack Baby Back Ribs – Due South BBQ

Homemade Sauces – Due South BBQ; We had to include this because the sauces were just amazing.

Honestly, we had more recipes aligned for Pork Week but were too busy to make them all. From pork belly buns to banh mis, do not fear. They will be made and consumed accordingly. We hope that we have managed to entice your taste buds and that you would find the time to consider a good pulled pork sandwich for your next meal. Until next time!


About hungryDUO

Saving the world as they share their affinity for food, craft beer, and wine one tasty morsel and sip at a time, hungryDUO is a beer connoisseur and wine enthusiast team whose passion is all things edible and mouth-orgasmic. They eat, drink, blog, and love. Repeat & Shuffle. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Google for more up to the minute updates and randomosity.


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