Red, White and Beer!

Last weekend, we (the lover and I) decided to join the Floyd Fandango fever and celebrate 4th of July differently. Floyd Fandango is a two-day beer and wine festival located in an 80 acre Blue Ridge Parkway venue. Beer connoissuers and wine enthusiasts alike filled the event, indulging in cold microbrews and fine Virginia wine. Camping, music, good food, and awesome people – what else do you need to celebrate the 4th? Not to mention a group of vendors showcasing their love for the arts. Floyd Fandango is definitely my cup of tea.

Below is a list of the breweries, wineries, and performers at this year’s festival. Read more…


About hungryDUO

Saving the world as they share their affinity for food, craft beer, and wine one tasty morsel and sip at a time, hungryDUO is a beer connoisseur and wine enthusiast team whose passion is all things edible and mouth-orgasmic. They eat, drink, blog, and love. Repeat & Shuffle. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Google for more up to the minute updates and randomosity.


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